2013 Playoffs: Top 10 Dunks of the First Round

  • 2013/10/25(金) 13:08:48

Does not take a genius. McGee's dunk =game 1. Bogut's =game 4. Therefore Blogut got McGee back not the other way round

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I know Boozer is pretty good and all. But he just annoys me so much. He yelled and celebrated more than Taj Gibson did after that dunk. Not to mention he always loooks weird when he yells. I'm hating on him, I'll just admit it lol. But I am wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

I really enjoyed playing in the Pony moments

  • 2013/10/25(金) 13:04:05

Active Broncos quarterback for the old pony club set a hehe exploits, Manning era pony record is impressive 82 wins and 32 losses , the game he will be wearing jersey Team Challenge pony. Manning said : "I am no longer a pony player, but I am still continuing bond with the pony , I really enjoyed playing in the Pony moments when I see the familiar people in the hotel , or training in the stadium to see wearing jersey No. 18 pony fans when there was still not the same feeling , all this still continues . "Wholesale Hero Cape

Colts owner Jim - Ilse (Jim Irsay) , said in an interview pony plans to honor Peyton - Manning in team effectiveness 14 seasons as a contribution to the team held a ceremony. But Manning era pony playoff record is not ideal, Manning led the Colts into the playoffs 11 times , but both crashed out of the first round seven times .Cheap Custom Jerseys
Today, Manning is still very concerned about his boss 's view playoff underachievement , Manning said : "I have learned to not let other people's comments about his own rhythm , especially if you can not control some of the time can be also It is these years my opinion they only success I am today . "
Ilse in March 2012 forced Manning 's health , decided not to undertake Manning 28 million in wages, with Manning this break up, but now they will usher in Manning led the undefeated Broncos challenge.Wholesale Jerseys
Manning and the Broncos 35-19 in last week after the team beat the Jacksonville Jaguars , setting a franchise best regular-season record of 17 wins , if this week clinch pony , then , the Broncos will be tied in the New England Patriots 2003-04 season, the first three league history to hit a long 18 -game winning streak . If the Broncos can clinch the five games , they will catch up to Manning in the 2008-09 season in the history of the longest pony hit 23 regular-season winning streak .

2013 NBA Finals: Game 4 Micro-Movie

  • 2013/07/26(金) 12:51:14

Watch highlights of Game 4 of the 2013 NBA Finals from an all-access perspective as Dwyane Wade and LeBron James lead the Miami Heat in commanding form over the San Antonio Spurs to tie the series at 2-2.

If the Refs were going against Miami, doesn't that make it rigged? I know the NBA is not rigged but... Yeah, just wanted to put it out there.

Embrace the great unknown

  • 2013/07/26(金) 12:50:31

Since the Boston Celtics traded away Kevin Garnett and Paul - Pierce, as dark transition phase, some people want to know if Boston might be too good for their own reconstruction.

There is a train of thought, suggested Boston, an interesting young core play the leading role of Rondo, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger - choice, may still be decent enough to become postseason race team in a top-heavy east. In such an era, when you sometimes have really bad then good, these people want to know Boston best to counter this season and land a higher draft rather than endure another early playoff exit and midround pick.
Thursday, ESPN Insider ranked 15 teams in the East Boston in the 13th hooks. There are some angry that anyone might think the Celtics last season than the Royal Orlando Magic or only slightly lower than the Charlotte Bobcats. Some of the same people who want to have a high draft pick overall by the Boston angered the idea could be bad enough to land (do not try, at least).
Yes, everything is a bit simpler when Boston is an annual contender. But the thing is this: No one really knows how the 2013 - 14, the Celtics will fare, and perhaps even the side closest team.

Michael Vick Q&A, Part 1: Beating LeSean McCoy in a race, lessons from previous NFL coaches

  • 2013/05/15(水) 14:06:25

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys is at a crossroads. At 32, he's the oldest player on his team, he's essentially on a one-year contract, and he's trying to return to his career-best 2010 level, all while playing for a first-year head coach (Chip Kelly) with no NFL background.

This is the second installment of Jason Cole's two-part conversation with Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, who resumed his NFL career in 2009 after spending two seasons out of the league following a federal conviction and prison time on charges connected to dogfighting. And Vick couldn't look much happier about NFL Nike Cleveland Browns Jerseys his prospects. If you follow his Twitter account, he writes one positive message Cheap NBA Jerseys after another about his offseason training, his golf game and his latest athletic achievement (he dusted teammate LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash earlier this month). Twelve years and a lifetime of controversy since he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, Vick seems to have something all Wholesale Jerseys the wasted money in the world can't buy:
There's still plenty of confidence, too. It accents his hope that he can still turn his considerable talent into a championship, even if some people wonder if he can simply hold on to his job. Vick sat down with Yahoo! Sports for 30 minutes last week to talk about where he is at this point in his career.
Jason Cole: So you've had a broken leg, broken ribs multiple times, a concussion, banged up your body for years playing this game and then, at age 32, just smoked LeSean in a race. That must be pretty sweet.