What is the difference between replica, premier, and authentic hockey jerseys?

  • 2012/12/07(金) 17:40:39

I always thought replica was the "cheapest" in quality, premier was next and well authentic says it all but I'm trying to buy one and the descriptions for replica and premier are almost the same so now I'm confused... Help and Thanks in advanced.

100% air mesh polyester interlock construction
Screen-printed team graphics on the chest, back, sleeves and shoulders (where applicable)
If customized, heat-transferred name and number
Woven locker tag on lower left front
Decorated in the team colors
Embroidered NHL® Shield
Officially licensed
100% polyester two-way stretch pique
Polyester interlock knit rib collar
Solid mesh inserts provide ventilation
NHL® Shield patch sewn on the bottom of the front collar fabric insert
Engineered and constructed to duplicate the look of on-ice team designs
Front crest of the jersey is embroidered just like the Wholesale Jerseys usa Personalized name and number in single-layer, screen-printed twill are heat pressed onto the back and sleeves.
Single layer screen-printed tackle twill shoulder patches (where applicable) are sewn directly to the jersey NFL
Reebok® vector embroidered on the sleeve and back neck
Woven jock tag with alpha sizing on the lower left front
Decorated in the team colors
Officially licensed
100% double knit polyester
Spandex four-way stretch pique core body
PlayDry® performance Lycratalic collar
Water repellent Bead Away™ X-trafil fabric is placed on the high-abrasion shoulder and elbow areas
Official team graphics on chest and shoulder crests (where applicable) are designed with a combination of direct embroidery and appliqué twill
NHL® shield patch is sewn on the bottom front of the collar fabric insert
Authentic tie down "fight" strap attached inside back of jersey
Reinforced stitching on all seams and hems
Decorated in the team colors
Officially licensed
basically, replica means cheap look alike, something for an average fan to wear to the game that wont cost a fortune. i must warn you. my replica redwing and maple leaf jerseys both front team emblems curl. its because the were steam printed on.
Premier, higher quality, lighter, but still cheep enough for fans. but the front logo is actuall stitching, that will not curl up and ruin the jersey. it has higher quiality faberic and more comfortable feel.
and authentic, my detroit redwings Nick Lidstrom NFL Game Nike Jerseys discount is authentic. it is the most expensive, but most comfortable thing ive ever worn in my life. the reason authentics are made is because of the demand of "what the pros wear" so its made from stretchable faborick that is very light and durrable, it is quad sewed which makes it nearly impossible to rip. its water proof to prevent added weight of sweat and water in the jersey, it has a fight strap which is manditory for all adult league jerseys. and the emblems and names and numbers are actually apart of the jersey, not stitched on after.

the different between replica jerseys and authentic hockey jerseys is they are from different factory.
Some of replica nfl jerseys also have OEM equipment to make the jerseys, they look like same.
Replica jerseys also make with 100% air mesh polyester the number and name are stitched on it same as authentic jerseys, some people would rather want to order replica jerseys because of the price is more reasonable. Below website sell replica jerseys including NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA.

Replica is a jersey you at the store, that is Identical to those worn by the players but never used by the actual player and has no name on the back.

Premier is a another replica that simply has the name and number of a player in its back.

Authentic is a Jersey that has been made for, autographed or worn by the actual player whose name and number (or other stars as well) are on the actual jersey